John H. Philligin

Freelance Violinist &
                         Private Instructor


"Puccini’s lyricism in The Spirits is enhanced by some extraordinary instrumentalists, who pitch in with rapid-fire playing and expressive vibrato from the sidelines. The In Series Chamber Trio, with violinist John Philligin III, cellist René Molina, led by pianist/musical director Carlos R. Rodriguez, are amazing as they interact and make eye-contact with the singers at key moments. The results are beautiful. This relatively simple piece about supernatural powers and fate still has magical power."

- DC Theatre Scene 

"Violinist John Philligin III, cellist René Molina and conductor/pianist Carlos Cesar Rodriguez provided no-fail support and colors matching onstage emotions...."

- The Washington Post

"...the accompanying string quartet performed so expressively and so flawlessly that the entire ensemble...put this production a cut above what it otherwise might have been."

" Performing Mozart’s music as if they were channeling the composer himself, Mr. Rodriguez and his string players added an extraordinary level of expressiveness, nuance, and professionalism to the entire production."

- The Washington Times

" With the help of a 6 piece orchestra comprised of exceedingly talented young musicians ...his delightfully string-intensive music comes to life in a very professional way. "

- DC Metro Theater Arts

" The five member orchestra sits onstage flawlessly executing Oberhauser’s operas. Oberhauser himself conducts, and the audience is treated to watching him as well as the orchestra perform during the operas."

- DC Theatre Scene